June Poultry Orders Available

Pastured Poultry Pre Orders





Preorders are now available for June 6-8 for pick up/delivery!  Contact me either through Facebook or at pyatt1939 at gmail . com

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——–>   20 are available    <——

The next round of birds will be September 2016

Cornish X Rock meat birds are a high performance bird with a good skin and large breast. They are excellent to roast, grill, and smoke!

At our farm, the birds are raised on pasture to free range and in mobile pens known as “chicken tractors” surrounded by electric netting that protects them from predators.

The birds are fed locally sourced grains (not certified GMO free or Organic). If GMO free is of interest, subsequent birds may be contracted at a greater price.

The chickens are not medicated with any antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. Any need for a medical therapy will be under the guidance of a Veterinarian. No hormones are approved or used in poultry, anywhere, in the US.  These birds have been healthy and have not needed any intervention.

The chickens are processed at the Central Illinois Poultry Processing Plant in Arthur, IL. They are taken from pasture and are table ready in under an hour. The facility is a USDA processing plant with a State Inspector grading each bird.

Whole birds arrive back fresh and in a high quality freezer safe bag with the weight information on the label with the neck, heart, and liver. The processor has added a charge of $2.25 per whole bird.  If you are interested in a cut up bird, an additional $1.15 is added to your total per bird.


Cost per bird is at $3.50 per pound with the averages being 4-6lb per bird


Payment can be made in cash, check, or with Paypal (additional $1.50 charge).

A good rule of thumb is to assume every person in your home needs 1 pound of uncooked meat a meal.

To make this easier, plan on paying for as many pounds of bird you would like and we will match that to the available chickens.


This spring we will also have 10 Stew Birds available for purchase.  They are $5.00 per bird.  They will also be processed at the same USDA facility.  These birds were raised on the pasture and are GMO free.  Stewing hens are “spent” egg layers who are done being productive enough to keep in rotation.  They will be excellent for soups, stews, and enriching bone broth.


Q and A?

Is there a difference in cost than the grocery store?

Yes, there is a difference in the cost of these birds versus a grocery store bird. Our birds will take considerably more amount of work as they are raised outside in the sunshine and on pasture. We will feed them multiple times a day and make sure fresh, clean water is always abundant. Electrified fences to keep predators out are constantly moved. The feed we choose is high quality because we enjoy a premium bird on our table.

Will you have GMO free birds?

Yes, if there is an interest. To produce a GMO free bird, chicks are ordered as “GMO Free” from a hatchery in PA. GMO free grains will be locally sourced from Arthur, IL. The birds will be raised in the same manner as other poultry at Fox Run Farm.

Other Uses:_DSC0119

If you are a soup family, I highly recommend you make stock from these birds. Because of the way they are raised, their bones are good, strong and full of all of the goodies you need to make a flavorful stock. The savings in that alone increases the value of having locally raised pastured poultry in your freezer.

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