Homegrown Winter Meats! Beef and Chicken

Freezer beef will be available in October!

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There are 4 quarters left available.   


These Angus x Simmental steers have been grazed on grass pasture and fed supplemental grain.

Beef is sold based on hanging weight (approximate market price $2.15/lb) as quarters, halves, or wholes. A quarter will provide around 120 lbs. of packaged steaks, roasts, ground beef, etc., processed to your preference at Gibson City Meats in Ivesdale (302 Chapin St.; (217) 564-2266).  Upon reservation, we will provide you with your own cut sheet to fill out to your family’s preference. 

Processing ($0.72/lb) and associated fees to be paid directly to the butcher shop at pick up. Ground beef patties and cubed meats available at additional cost. Total cost estimates vary $450-600 per quarter based on weight. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Pastured Poultry is will be available soon!  Birds head towards the USDA safe facility on August 29.  Farm pick up of fresh birds will be Aug 29-31 and after that, birds will be available frozen.

This fall our poultry will be sold at $3.25 per pound.  Our birds average 4-5 lbs.  It is a good rule of thumb to purchase one pound of meat per family member when buying whole birds.

Like with freezer beef, there is a small fee of $2.77 for slaughter and freezer packaging per bird.

For more information on how we raise our birds, visit here on our website.


Winter is coming!  Time to stock the shelves!

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