The New Year

Happy New Year!


Fun things are to come to the farm this beginning of 2017.


In February, we expect our first round of lambs.  Claire and (maybe Sadie) are due to lamb on Feb. 12.  We are expecting twins from her!  She was luckily bred in a Laparoscopic AI from stock in New Zealand.  Those little swimmers came a long way!  Keeping a breed that is on the endangered list is quite a bit of an undertaking.

Our next round of lambs will be from our Cormo stock as well as more of our Leicesters.  They will begin mid March and continue into April.

During that exciting time, we also will be building our new barn!  Taking down the 100 year old barn was a sad decision, but it was time.  Watching it easily come down really showed us just how unsafe it was.


The new barn will be a small 36×40 tan and black “horse” barn.  We hope to keep it charming with cross hatches, lots of windows, and a widow’s peak.  Watching that come to life will be exciting and so will all the work it will take to make it a wonderful home for our farm animals.

In 2017 we aren’t going to raise any new laying hens.  Hopefully we will have some broody hens who will do the job for us.  We already have quite a flock of 60+ and that sure seems plenty!


The Fiber shop will continue to be at the Lincoln Square Market as well as on Etsy.  Shearing will be sooner than later and fleeces will be available.  I’ve chosen where my yarn will be milled for the Cormo and Leicesters this year and once I know who goes to fleece competitions and who goes to raw fiber sales, I will know how much I have left to turn into combed top and yarn.  I’m anxious and excited to see the flock without their fleeces!  I will have a special tab at the top of the site for fleece and lamb sales.

We hope your New Year is starting off grand and you are off and running!



Our Winter Events:

January 7 – Presenter on Edible Gardens at the Women’s Retreat, Monticello

January 14 – Market on The Square, Urbana

January 28 – Market on The Square, Urbana

February 4 – Purdue Lambing School, Indiana

February – Barn Build Begins!

February 11- DIY Fiber and Spinning, U of I Extension Class, Decatur

February 12 – Lambs Due

February 25 -Market on The Square, Urbana

March – 4H/Extension Sheep Vet Med at Fox Run Farm, TBD

March 11-Market on The Square, Urbana

March 12- Lambing

March 25 -Market on The Square, Urbana


As always, we are open!  If you would like to visit, take a small tour, get a lesson, meet the animals, or want your children to do a farm trip- contact me!  Kristi at pyatt1939@   gmail.   com


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