Pasture Raised Eggs


Our chickens are raised in a safe, custom built chicken house and yard(s). They have daily access to over 5,000 sq feet of space in the winter and rotated pastures in the sping-fall. The “girls” are fed locally sourced feed, table scraps, grass, bugs, and treats. Eggs are collected throughout the day (those three little farm hands!) and are immediately candled and refrigerated.

The State of Illinois has licensed us as a safe egg handler and are able to bring eggs right to your door!

Eggs are $4.00 a dozen.

If you are interested in eggs, please feel free to email me at or like our facebook page!


Meat Birds:

Beginning in 2015, Fox Run Farm will be offering pastured poultry for purchase. These birds live catered lives in safe, mobile chicken tractors that provide them sunshine, fresh grass, and mobility. Our three farm hands work hard to make sure they are treated well while they grow for us!

We have found these birds to be tenderer, juicier, thicker skinned, with larger breast meat and leg meat than their grocer counterpart.

The birds are processed at 7-8 weeks of age at a USDA State Inspected Poultry Processing Plant located in nearby Arthur, IL. Birds are available whole or parted and are immediately sealed in a freezer tough bag at the facility. Delivery will be available as well as pick up at the farm.

Raising poultry on the pasture takes more feed and labor thus the amount per pound is more than their counterparts at the local grocer. Our prices are competitive to those found at heath food stores and other small farms.

Expect to pay $3-4 per pound. Birds will range from 4-7 lb. Our largest bird was 7.17lbs!



A variety of seasonal homegrown vegetables will be available. Farm friends can either pay a flat rate for “what’s growing”, a “fresh meal deal” that includes eggs or request based on availability. Expect to find heirloom and organically grown veggies of all varieties and some seriously delicious tomatoes (if we don’t eat them all)!

Like our animals, our vegetable patch feeds our family! They are tenderly taken care of using organic practices and the almighty power of compost! Our three farm hands spend a lot of time pulling weeds, planting, and harvesting and we reap what we sow.


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